Protein powder OEM in Malaysia

Honeyberry International Sdn Bhd supply different type of protein powder for food & beverage manufacturer. That’s including pea protein isolate and whey protein concentrate

Protein powder is one of the most common supplement to get all the protein you need. Protein needed to repair and build lean muscle. Our premix services tailored based on your requirement. Whether it is for pre-workout supplements, post-workout or during workout.

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About protein powder
* Suitable for Ready to drink protein shakes with incredibly delicious taste
* No filler ingredients, no artificial flavors, and no artificial sweeteners.
* Gluten-free available, Soy-free available.
* Protein powder is also commonly know as protein shake, gym drink, workout supplement powder and dietary supplement drink

Protein product development
Whether you want to create a gym drink product to boost strength, add muscle size or even get shredded, get exclusive product doses and usage advice from us.

Packing & MOQ
20-25KG (Per bag). MOQ 100KG.

Protein drink related ingredients