powder premix

Honeyberry International Sdn Bhd is specialise in nutritional supplement premix supply for beauty drink supplement dietary products and gym drinks.

Our nutritional consultant can provide useful insight with the ingredient usage, possible formulation of your new or existing food & beverage products.

Available in various packaging size.

Need new ingredient supplier? Please contact +6011 1068 8665 or fill in online enquiry.

What our service covered
* Nutritional ingredient – for dietary product, beauty supplement & drink, gym product
* Ingredient doses, usage and food & beverage formulation
* Short time-frame delivery and consistency.

Available in various packing size.

Nutritional supplement ingredient
Added value to your health-related food product.

Product formulation
Our highly qualified team could provide the consultation you need on new product development or improving your current formulation.

Extracts and food ingredients
We supply good quality extracts and functional ingredients for health related products.