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Food flavour powder are used to enhance the taste and smell of food products. As a Halal food flavour supplier, our food flavour are Jakim certified.

Our range of food flavour powder includes fruit flavour, milk flavour, coffee flavour and many more.

Flavour is considered as one of the most essential aspects in producing highly successful food & beverage product.

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About our food flavour powder
* Produced under HACCP, GMP facilities
* Halal certified
* Many popular food flavours are available

Food flavour powder usage in beverage
Food flavour powders are added to beverage products to achieve the smell and taste desired. and skin health beverages in Malaysia. Thanks to their benefits and the anti-ageing effect.

Hot-selling food flavour powder
* Fruit flavour powder
* Lemon lime flavour
* Blueberry flavour powder
* Coconut flavour
* Mix fruit flavour
* Orange flavour powder

* Chocolate flavour powder

* Vanilla flavour powder

* Yam flavour

* Milk flavour powder

* As a food flavour supplier, we have many flavours that are highly popular in Malaysia market.

* Many of our food flavours come with Halal certification, certified by Jakim.