Halal food ingredient supplier Malaysia

Flavour powder, juice powder, extracts and functional ingredients

Honeyberry International Sdn Bhd supplies a wide range of Halal food ingredients and extracts for food & beverage manufacturers in Malaysia.

Focusing on high-value halal food ingredients for food & beverage applications, the brand has established strong market positions for weight loss, skin whitening and healthcare product manufacturing.

Our technical team can help with your new product formulation and development activities. Contact us today +6011 1068 8665

Halal food ingredients supplier

Honeyberry International Sdn Bhd is a Malaysia food ingredient supplier. Our food ingredients are Halal-certified and produced in top production facilities.

Fueled by our strong technical support team and excellent supply chain, Honeyberry International is a high-value partner to F&B manufacturers. Our expertise in functional beverages allows us to meet the demands of our industrial customers in developing various beverage applications.

Wide range of unique specialty ingredients to meet all your F&B applications.
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Fruit Flavour Powder & Fruit Juice Powder

We offer a wide range of fruit flavour powder for food & beverage manufacturing.

Some of the high-demand flavour ingredients are milk flavour, blueberry flavour, pineapple flavour, coffee flavour and more.

Our fruit flavour powder and fruit juice powder are popular and used in many functional beverages, supplements, dietary products and protein shakes.

Extracts, functional ingredients and amino acids

As a reputable food ingredient supplier (Malaysia), we import only premium quality extracts, functional ingredients and amino acids. Many of the ingredients are backed by lab data.

Our technical consultants are ready to help you to develop tasty beverage products, provide ingredient doses usage as well solving several problems during lab formulation.

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