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Ascorbic Acid Malaysia Supplier

Ascorbic acid

Ascorbic Acid is one form of vitamin C. It is widely found in food supplement. Ascorbic acid is increasingly uses in various health promotion and dietary supplement.

It is as well used for vitamin preparations and fruit juices drinks. Some manufacturers include to increase the food’s vitamin C content.

Ascorbic Acid is necessary for normal function of body. The production of collagen, a protein substance in fibrous tissue, depends on Ascorbic Acid.

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About Ascorbic Acid
* Benefit skin health
* Widely used in health promotion
* Dietary supplement

Skin Health
Dietary and topical ascorbic acid have many healthful effects on skin cells. Ascorbic Acid is one of the most common ingredient in skin care products. Beside, it was suggested by expert that it helps slow down the production of melanin, which prevents dark spots on face.

Vitamin C
Ascorbic acid is a vitamer of Vitamin C, where the compound provides about the same vitamin activity as Vitamin C.

Dietary supplement
It is commonly used in food supplement.

Ascorbic Acid premix
Honeyberry Production provide beauty drink premix service using Ascorbic Acid and other beauty ingredients.